World News Tonight

The other day, post therapist, I took my eldest to get her nails done- bonding time. You see, she has some big worries as many do during today’s times…. however her fears are definitely impacting her coping skills.

Death and dying is probably the number 1 fear she has- the second would be whether or not I can keep her safe. I’m guessing on the latter because I’ve been on this path with her before.

Anyhow, there we were at the salon- with only one other patron- facing the big screen television as she was being pampered. In my brief experience- the TV has usually been on mute- with just the captions- but at that salon, we were fortunate to have both sound and words for that informative broadcast.

It started out like this….

In tonight’s news mother and baby jump from a two story building to escape fire; FBI finds culprit involved in ploy to detonate synagogue; Woman gone missing after entering a Target in Chicago; Anti-migration rally turns violent; Tram derails in Portugal and lastly: 4th dies in Strasbourg shooting.

Keep in mind- there is but one other person- the workers themselves do not speak nor read English… but despite my vocal concerns and murmurs for her to Look away!” or, “This is not relaxing manicure entertainment,” the man in charge did not bother to turn it off.

Now sure, I could have asked them to turn it off instead of making harrumph noises… but part of my brain was busy calculating how much longer we’d be in therapy thanks to our special time out.

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