I’m Sorry… Did You Just Say That I Should Thank You?

The other evening I had to take the day off to prepare for my eldest’s sleepover- laundry had to be washed, dried, folded and put away… floors needed sweeping and washing… beds had to be made… bathrooms washed… food prepared…snacks set…. rooms prepared…. and everything had to be put away that was out of place.

The friends arrived at 6pm… and shortly thereafter I had to pick up my son from his playdate and then get the pizza. You see, hubby doesn’t drive at night and the pizza place- since it was allergy free, did not deliver.

After I arrived home, I immediately fed the hungry children and spun around my kitchen and dining room- getting more and more food- all the whilst cleaning as I went. “Where’s hubby you wonder?” … He was upstairs and hiding out with my other children as I tended to all 12 tweens.

After I finally cleaned up from the two desserts and dinner, and cleaned up from where she opened her presents… I got the beds situated in the playroom and monitored the evening games. Finally, they were ready for a movie and my shift was done around midnight.

Now, I did have to wake at 1:30 AM to let out 2/3 of the dogs and again at 6:30… and at 7:15 I woke the one child who had to leave by 8 am- but then I tried to go back to bed.

Here’s where it gets tricky…. I had to wake hubby as he was supposed to get the kids breakfast.

After being greeted with, “Shhhh, It’s too early! I’ve been up all night….” I reminded him how I told him to get the bagels and food the night before… but that he had assured me he would wake- no problem!

Flash forward to 11 am when all were gone and I came downstairs to see the damage…. crumbs and cream cheese on table…playroom a mess with breakfast foods…. bathroom a mess….. etc.

Me: OMG, couldn’t you wipe the table? Did you tell them they could eat in the playroom??

Hubby: Are you kidding me? I’ve been up all morning and feeding them breakfast…. how about a ‘thank you?’


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