Closed Table

The other evening I was online trying to find a restaurant for four, this past Saturday night. I went through the suburban restaurants and found one that was new- it looked nice on their website- so I immediately booked it and created a calendar invite.


Hubby: What did you just send me?

Me: That is our reservation reminder.

Hubby: (Reading text; Commercial voice) OK, let’s start with their Raw Bar…Shrimp Cocktail…Oysters- Half Dozen with a Champagne Mignonette, King Crab with a Cognac Mustard, Tuna Tataki with Dashi – Shoyu – Chili – Cilantro – Sesame.

Next up for their Sociables is the Artisanal Meat served with House Pickles – in a Red Wine Mostarda with Olives. Try the Baked Camembert in Box with Petite Truffled Salad – Black Pepper Walnut Honey – and Grilled Sourdough. Perhaps you would like the Farmstead Cheese with Spiced California Walnuts – and a Seasonal Compote.

(…Now, he goes on and on with reading aloud the rest of the menu, but I’ll save you the gist.)


Hubby: What did you just send me?

Me: That was the cancellation notice.


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