Pigs Flew

Hubby tells me often that we do not have a “money tree” in the backyard; that I should not be spending money left and right….willy nilly.

Despite the products being for our children- their wardrobes, shoes, school supplies, personal items, etc., he will complain when the packages pile by our door.

“Did you get your daily fix?” he says as he drives past the front door and into the driveway- noting the amount of boxes. Many times there will also be packages at the back door- waiting to be brought in- perhaps from a different vendor or to make it less apparent that nobody is home… or has an addiction.

But as I sit inside the kitchen and look out yonder towards our children’s swing set, I notice something amazing. In fact, it is beyond incredible that I need to wipe my eyes and stretch them wide to make sure I’m not hallucinating. I do believe I see the tree!


You see, there is a carpenter here on a Sunday- at said swing set… and he appears to be painting the wood- no…. he appears to be replacing recently painted wood to the structure. The swing set my children haven’t looked at, gone to, nor thought about in 10 years… is being reconstructed and items are being replaced- like swings and slides. I suppose the slide was the most important thing to replace because otherwise, my daughter’s Maxie Pad would have gotten caught on the old version.

Nonetheless, this vision before me is the Green Flag for further online purchases- this time, pour moi.


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