Double Take

The other weekend I went out to dinner with a group of friends; we ate at one of my favorite restaurants. But, as it often is the case, I arrived late- mostly because I was looking for a spot.

When I sat down at the table, they already began eating appetizers- one of which was edamame. It had been some time since I had had them- and being ravenous, I dug on in. I would eat one… and then put it in the other bowl. This continued for the next ten minutes or so when the salad I’d ordered arrived. As with dining with friends- we shared everything- a little too much of everything.

You see, after I passed the salad I’d ordered around the table, I decided to return to the bowl of edamame… the other bowl. After trying to find any beans in about five of the pods…  I realized my mistake.

*I don’t even share a drink or fork with my own children- so when I realized I’d put someone’s discarded pods into my mouth- I grabbed a napkin to wipe my tongue…someone else’s.


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mom of 3
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