“They’re Your Goddamn Kids Too”

The other morning- after I washed the floors, did two loads of laundry, made each child their own gourmet meal they would likely throw out, drove my daughter to school and walked the dogs, I went upstairs to find hubby asleep at 8:08.

Me: (AYFKM) Do you think you can get up and help get the kids ready?

Hubby: (Grunting. Growling) I don’t need you telling me what to do; you’re not my mother.

Me: The kids have school and need to get up- you can get up and help; it won’t kill you! (exit room).

Hubby: I don’t like your tone!

*I think my tone would be much preferable than pummeling him to the ground and murdering him in my daughter’s bed…. but in any case…

While trying to wake them and get dressed, I decided to try something different and went back into the room he was escaping responsibilities.

(Trying not to vomit on each word)…

(Whispering) Sweetheart. Honey….  its time to wake up (high pitched). Today is a school day! You have to go to work! Do you think you could get up and maybe get the kids up and ready for school? I know.. dreaded school. But it’s a school day nonetheless and so we all should probably get started.

Hubby: (Happy as can be) Now that’s much better than barking at me. Sure I’ll help!



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