Snap! Crackle! Fuck! Part 2

To speed this story up- I was taking a half day to take my youngest to the doctor but when I arrived home- I noticed Ms. Shit In Her Ass was limping. Naturally, since I have all the time in the world, I took the dog to the local vet for an hour worth of exams.

While this was happening- hubby was texting me how I was supposed to be home at noon to retrieve my son from him so he could work. In short it went something like this: I can’t work for two hours every day- you better hurry home!

*I will just say, I was 2 min. from the home if he indeed needed to get back to work- but he used the time to talk to our contractors who were rebuilding the swing-set my children plan to continue to not notice; so there.

When I finally got home I remembered that I was missing my rings and took one look at the clean counter- made one frenetic dash to our trash cabinet and realized my error.

As I ran to get in my car, both hubby and the man he also pays to make sure the bird house stands upright, told me I’d never find them.

In short, after two hours of hiking through mountains of filth, the paper towel holding the rings was found.

Now, something else went through my mind upon their retrieval- obviously after the feeling of relief. I should have inquired to hubby if we had a deductible for the insurance on these rings.


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