Snap! Crackle! Fuck! Part 1

I had some high hopes- I woke up earlier than ever and decided I would make my vegetarian son a vat of chicken soup; clearly, I was still not fully awake.

Having just cleaned my rings the night before- which by the way- I never do, I decided to take off my ring. I never take my ring off – well, unless I ask to try on someone else’s.

In any event, I placed them on a paper towel, prepared the soup and then went on my other morning tasks. In case you’re wondering, they include: cleaning the table/dishes from the night before; sweeping the floor since hubby “can’t see” therefore he uses that card- making each child their fresh and individual meals and snacks for school- and possibly throwing in or taking out laundry. Then, it is my job to wake the kids (hubby can’t see; hubby can’t wake) and let the dogs out.

The good thing with the dogs is that two of them have been having the runs since I gave them some wet food for the first time ever. Many times I get to add bathing two of them AND washing the floors; plus that means more laundry #fun.

After I handled the dogs, I went back upstairs to wake my children since they prefer my best Mommy Dearest impression- and then went to get myself dressed.

As I was trying to get out of the house on time, I haphazardly threw out all the trash from making the soup- including my rings.


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