Better Get Tide

The other day- in a house of dwelling, a home of God and a place of prayer, my son decided to air out our dirty laundry- albeit in front of a mere 18 people.

The liaison leading the service decided to show a comparison between the story of Jacob and Esau- and the modern day family. He asked kids (mistake #1) to describe themselves in comparisons to their siblings.

It started off routine with young congregants simply saying how their older/younger brother is annoying and how they are the peaceful ones. Not bad, eh? ….Until my mother whispers to my daughter who sat in front of her- nudging her to raise her hand (mistake #2).

Daughter: Well, my older sister, yeah, she has issues and my brother here, well, he does too- they always fight and yeah, we don’t get along- but I am the good one in the family.

Liaison: Well then thank God for you; your parents are blessed to have you.

Bubbie: (Rolls eyes at me; laughing) She sure is a blessing; a big blessing.

Son: (Stands up immediately; hand in air; mistake #3) Well I’ll tell you the truth. You see my parents can’t handle all of us and all they do is fight, and my sisters and I well, we just don’t get along.

Shabbat Shawow!

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