Well I’ll Be


This evening while driving Hans Solo in the car, my mother called me; she wanted to know my intentions with telling the children about the synagogue shooter.

Ma: Are you going to the question and answer session for parents and children?

Me: I don’t think so…

Ma: Don’t you think you should? Don’t you think they’ll hear about it at school? When they turn on their TVs or iPads?

Me: Do you remember the last time there was a info-session with the shooter in Vegas? That cost me another year of therapy and Hebrew Home-School.

Ma: They need to know what’s happening in the world- they’re going to find out one day.


Scene 2

Me: I just hung up with Mother. She thinks I should take the kids to the synagogue for the info-session about Saturday.

Sister: You know, there are probably many articles on how to talk to your children about this.

Me: Well, I don’t want to talk to them about it; do you want my kids to ever go into a synagogue?

Sister: Then why don’t you go alone to the session and see how you should handle this? Or why don’t you call their therapists and ask them how you should approach this?

Me: I want to keep them in a bubble; they don’t need to know this- no good can come from this!

Sister: Well, you know best, but they’re going to find out one way or another so maybe its best to broach the subject vs. have to discuss it after they hear about it.

Scene 3

… Back at home; in the kitchen. My million dollar child and youngest are watching me unpack the wares.

Me: Did you do anything interesting at school?

Middle: Not really.

Youngest: Nah.

Me: Do you do like… current events and things like that?

Middle: Not really.

Me: Oh… so nothing about anything? Hmmm.

Youngest: Oh, you mean about the shooter in Pittsburgh….

Middle: Where this man came in and killed people…

Youngest: In a synagogue.

Me: So what did you hear?

Middle: Just that there was this man who killed 11 people.

Youngest: And three cops. I heard in Bubbie’s car; she was talking to a bunch of people from our synagogue.

Me: (I forgot those two drove home from temple with her!) So you know about it? Well, there’s lots of bad people in the world but we’re safe at our temple.

Middle: Mmhm.

Me: Do you know why he did it?

Middle/Youngest: No

Me: He wanted to kill all the Jews; said the world would be a better place.

Eldest: (Walking into the kitchen) Oh, I heard that too. …And someone gunned down a man in a store last week.

Me: Well then, I guess I don’t need to call the therapist after all.


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