Bottom Line

The other day I took my son to see an oral surgeon to determine if he had TMJ. I really just wanted the doctor to do an x-ray or examine his jaw.

Now, put a in in that.

My son dislikes playing the piano because his teacher spends much of his lesson discussing theory and notes. He is a wonderful little pianist, however he stopped playing a few months ago because of the excessive conversations about the piece.

Take the pin out.

The surgeon entered, shook both our hands and then asked why we were there. As I quickly explained that my son complains about his jaw and may have TMJ, Rather than examine him at once, he went into an entire dissertation of how its essentially impossible for a child of his age to have TMJ. He explained about every jaw, muscle and ligament- a hundred different ways from Sunday. Mentioning how its a form of arthritis and doing surgery on someone so young, bla, bla, bla would be terrible,  I caught my son’s eyes. It was the same face my son made during his piano lessons.

After more explanation, he finally put on. his surgical gloves. Unfortunately, it was short lived as he had the rest of his medical anthology to explain.

With my son becoming increasingly impatient- wiggling around the chair and farting, glaring at me and signaling to the door, the doctor finally began his examination. As he initially had thought- 46 minutes prior, my son did not have TMJ after a 2 second observation of the way he moves his jaw.

Needless to say, my son who has complained for over a year how badly his mouth hurts and how he wanted to see a doctor, asked me to cancel the next appointment scheduled an hour from then- begging me to take him back to school.

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