Isn’t it Enough??

The other day I was trying to reach customer service for the credit card company; I needed to have a recent purchase reviewed.

When I finally made it through the automated system, I had a few more hurdles.

W- (woman) Hi can you please verify your date of birth?

Me: 1/2/75

W- And the last four of your social

Me: 4567

W: I’m sorry, can I have the card holder’s date of birth?

Me: 8/7/65

W: And the card holder’s last four digits of their social?

Me: 0987

W: And could you please verify your address?

Me: 8 Mulberry Lane

W: And the city?

Me: Des Moines

W: And the zip?

Really? The only thing I’ve yet to provide is a blood sample?


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mom of 3
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