I’d Rather Cut & Paint


A few nights ago I told my eldest I would shave her legs- as she had been complaining it was too hard.

I had her sit in the tub with her bathing suit, got the can of shaving gel and started to lather her up- so far, so good.

However, instantly I noticed that the razor was having difficulty removing the hair- despite going over the same spot several times. It was then that I decided to “tap” the razor against the side of the tub to wipe off any extra foam and clear the hair. What I saw next- has me frightened and concerned to this day.

I could have knitted a sweater with the amount of hair based on the one spot- literally the metal part of the razor was bending from the hair caught between blades.

After I found a finger-nail brush and tried to de-jam the blades, I went back to her legs. It literally took over 20 minutes to do one calf- and I still had the upper thighs and second leg! The worst part was, I could have kept shaving up towards her neck if I had the energy- for I didn’t know where to stop. There was so much hair still to be done and that was in the forbidden zone.

When I finally finished her left leg, I had gotten a cramp in my neck from having to look up for so long. I would have given anything to not have to do her second leg but the weather called for 80* the next two days; I had to persist.

Despite my complaining how she can just be hairy or get laser- regardless of being “too young,” I finished the second leg 35 minutes later.

Now, not only do I need to replace the 5 blades, 2 different razors and can of 20 oz. shaving gel – I also need to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist for the crick in my neck.

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