Rodney Dangerfield Starring in “I Get No Respect”

Mother: Can you put the kids to bed since you’ve been gone and will be gone for another week?

Father: (Murmur. Pregnant pause. Calls to kids in other room) OK everybody, its time for bed….. Come on son.

Narrator: Father is Not getting up; complaining about his 4am wake up call.

Mother: Go on… Put them to bed!

Father: Maybe I’ll just fall asleep with him in his room and then sneak out later.

Mother: You’ll only wake him up; just let him sleep in here so he can sleep. Go put the girls to bed.

Narrator: Girls are giggling in the other room. Moments later, they enter parents’ bedroom to see where brother is.

Father: (Sitting in chair) Stop fooling around now! It’s bed time. I don’t want to have to get angry before going away. I’m warning you.

Narrator: Girl 1 tries to sleep in our bed. Girl 2 begins to climb in because she says its not fair that Girl 1 and Boy are always in parents’ room. Girls proceed to get into bed but argue over who’s sleeping next to mother. Father appears to be getting angry but says nothing.

Mother:  It’s late; if you can’t just get into my bed and go to sleep, then go to your own rooms! I’m tired! Hubby, can you do this? You’ve been away…

Narrator: Kids still arguing over who gets to sleep where. Girl 1 yells at Girl 2 for trying to sleep at the foot of the bed (again) and hogging the leg room. Father semi-stirs.

Father:  I’m warning you; if you don’t go to sleep, I’m going to get angry and put you in your rooms; there will be tears.

Narrator: Mother rolls eyes at the lack of follow through with her husband’s warnings. Kids in bed but complaining over lack of room. Father gives 2 more warnings and finally stands up.

Father: Get in your own beds! Now! I’m tired of asking you! I shouldn’t have to go away angry but you kids don’t listen!

Narrator: Kids leave room. Mother is rolling her eyes at the amount of threats and lack of follow through with each warning.

Father: (Begins to exit the room; turns to wife) You may let them walk all over you, but I won’t. I will not put up with this like you do.

Mother: (Under her breath as husband finally exits the room 10 minutes+ later) I can see that.

End scene.


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