Does He Still Need A Kleenex?

I never leave home without tissues- and most of the time I will wear them in my bra. Before you pass judgement, when I’m pocketless, it comes in very handy.

Nevertheless, while sitting in silent prayer during the sermon that probably will cost me another $3200, I heard the couple behind me say they needed a tissue.

Me: Did I hear you needed a tissue?

Woman: (nodding)

Me: OK. (thinking… they won’t want it from my bra- whilst looking around for help on what to do…)

Woman: (waiting for me to give it up)

Me: So you need a tissue?

Woman: Yes.

Me: (debating….and then finally taking it from my warm breast) …It’s clean… I…

Woman: (staring in disbelief) …Thank you?

As I was turning back around- …  I  saw her holding it as if I’d given her my panty hose. But after nearly a minute, I suppose her fiancé really did need something because I heard him using it.

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