The Sound of Silence

The other evening, after hubby and told and retold my second child to go back to her room, I had given her the ASL “go ahead” to quietly come into our room. In fact, she came so quietly that hubby didn’t even hear her come in- which was a win-win.

Now, just so we’re clear, it was only a win-win because I needed to sleep and she would have Poltergeist’d me in the middle of the night….causing that much further blockage in my heart.

The problem was… hubby had not heard her and his right leg began to make its way over to my side of the bed. That’s right… he wanted some footsie time. Don’t get all excited- he likes to start at the feet.

But here I was… not wanting to alert him of her presence for fear he would yell at the both of us… but I also didn’t want him to scar her for life with any phrases that could have popped out of his mouth.

Unfortunately, I was so busy “imagining” the things he could possibly say that would stunt my child’s emotional growth that I started to silently laugh. Actually… he couldn’t hear the laughing but my leech could feel me laughing. And the more I started to lose it the more she started to make noise. Thankfully, he was so irritated that he retrieved his leg from my side and went to bed.

No harm. No foul.


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