Random Thoughts

If supermarkets are going to start having dermatologists in one of the aisles so that it could be the “one stop shop,” I was thinking that live music could be had at doctors’ offices.


Does anyone keep the plastic curtain atop a Kleenex box or do they rip it with the cardboard for easier access?


Has anyone ever tossed an empty toilet paper roll while sitting on the toilet, across the room and into a can?


What is the ratio of people who throw out their shoes upon realizing they’ve stepped in shit?


If its raining on location, does one still answer, “it’s a beautiful day at….”


Has anyone ever tried to make a wig out of hairbrush remains?


Is there anyone who likes the burn when toothpaste gets on their face?


What if all the insects and arachnoids that I’ve killed during my lifetime are there to greet me during my enter to heaven?


Should there have been a caption during Rocky I that said, consuming raw eggs can cause salmonella.


If the dress code for work was “naked,” would more people call out sick?


Do waiters at The Olive Garden ever cut people off of bread and salad?


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