Ladies And Gentlemen…..

Now when my son gets off his bus, I am on edge. Since the punching incident, I’ve been holding my breath that nobody else “annoys” him. Well, today, I asked how camp was and he told me he pin hugged someone. At first, I thought he was going to tell me how he made a younger camper feel better….and then my frontal lobe kicked in with its own set of questions.

Me: Pin hugged?

Son: Yes, pin hugged.

Me: What does that mean?

Son: You know.

Me: (oh fuck, oh fuck, please don’t say it) Did you hurt someone again?

Son: Well, kind of.

Me: What does ‘kind of’ mean?

Son: You don’t know what kind of means?

Me: Just tell me what happened!

Son: Well, another boy was bothering me all day and I squeezed him real tight so he would stop.

Me: Did you get in trouble?

Son: No- he bothers everyone so….

Daughter; Maybe its time you got him a worry doctor.


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