Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

Sometimes I feel like I work for NASA whenever I am speaking to any non-friend on the telephone. For instance, I had to make a new appointment with a doctor and since there are apparently “many” others with the same exact birth date, I also have to give my last name. However, my last name is not easily understood by most receptionists, and it always comes down to this:

Customer Service Rep (CSR): Can I get your DOB?

Me: 1/2/65

CSR: And the last 4 digits of your social?

Me: 8764

CSR: And what is your name?

Me: Rochelle Weiner

CSR: Is that Weener?

Me: W.e.i.n.e.r

CSR: Weimer?

Me: W as in walrus, e as in elephant, i as in idiot, m as in mother, e as in egg and r as in …. well, you know what the r stands for.

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