What Do You Think?

This evening (*on a full stomach), I went to the market to retrieve snacks for my children. Now, I had showered earlier and was in my jammies, but I did put a pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt on- so as not to appear, completely mental. It’s important you know that the double outfit did not help the situation that occurred upon checking out.

The items are shown below, but for those in a hurry, I bought….

chips a’hoy


twisted pretzels

sour cream and chives potato chips

sour cream and onion potato chips


8 boxes of fruit roll ups

When I placed it on the belt, I commented to myself how horrible this looks. thinking of reasons for said purchase…. a welcome home to the troops…. party for the sick….. visiting day at camp…. anything but the pathetic, “just my parental prerogative of food for my children.”

Now, the checker who was watching my twitches and schizophrenic conversation,  noticed a box of chocolate covered donuts stuck on the edge of the belt.

Checker: Are those your donuts?

Me: (did he have to shout that?) Yes.

Checker: Do you still want them?

Me: (further humiliated) Does it look like I don’t?

Checker: …Well, actually, no. …I’m afraid it doesn’t.


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