Ross Does Rachel

My child is into Friends- she loves watching the seasons on her iPad and is now up to season 6. It’s important to know this because my child knows every subtle reference that insinuates something else.

Flash forward to last evening when it was the second night that both kids started off in their rooms. If you’re wondering how we managed to get them to start off in their own beds… it’s simple: I bought my son a monitor. According to my daughter, if he sleeps in his bed, she has no problem staying in her’s.

However, since hubby has taken back his reclining position in my son’s room and generally falls asleep in there for at least an hour, my daughter wanted to not feel so alone…and she took the monitor.

I’m sure you know where this is going so I’ll make this real short. Hubby decided the spell was over – after my 13 mile walk… because I’m a ball full of energy on a good day but this particular evening I’d be on fire. (Actually, technically my calves were).

When he was feeling all pumped, I remembered the monitor. So, he moved the camera angle towards the ceiling and jumped (he’s never jumped in his life) back into bed.

This morning, my daughter asked me why the camera was pointed towards the ceiling- to which I replied, “daddy must have bumped it.”

To which she replied, “I figured. …That’s why uses the feature on my hand-held to move it back.”

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