Reference #DF 197

Just a few days ago we went to visit my child at her camp for visiting day. The day before, I received a list… unlike the other parents who had days and days to shop. In short, it went like this:

moisturizer (because the $34 bottle never made it out of her bus bag)


bras (for this child doesn’t like them too big)


socks (18 is not enough)

underwear (probably because she hasn’t opened her body wash)



inhaler (sure, I can get a dr. to write a script for me on a Friday at 3:35 pm without listening to her chest)


….and the list went downhill from there. Unfortunately, the only thing she really needed was  shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, I had to ship the two heaviest products via the US Postal Service… less than 24 hours afterwards.


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