Go Big Or Go Home

The other day my son came home from camp and proceeded to mention his day.

Son: So today at camp… yeah, there was…. yeah…. so this kid tried to budge….

Me: (my dog ears stand straight)

Son: and he pushed me so I pushed him back….

Me: (don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it)

Son: ….so I punched him, real hard in the chest…

Me: (oh shit, oh shit, oh shit)

Son: like you told me to.

Me: First, I didn’t tell you to hit anyone and you must always use your words.

Son: Yes you did… you said if someone bothers me and they don’t listen, to hit them back, but make sure you hit them hard, or they’ll keep bothering you.

Me: No, I said that you should first find an adult and tell them what’s happening and then say really loudly to the person, “Don’t touch me!” …and walk away.

Son: Well, I did tell him to stop and he didn’t listen.

Me: What else could you have done in this situation?

Son: Punch him again?

Dad: Good job… you showed him!

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mom of 3
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