Like A Good Neighbor

I’m at the lunch place picking up real chicken, and get a call from the aid. Since there was a dispute earlier in the day, I declined the call. After the second or third time she called, I answered. Apparently, someone from Peco was there to do measurements.

Now… I’ve been around this block before… the whole, “see something, say something,” business when something seems fishy. So, I let her know I am on my way and not interested in anything he has to sell- for I presumed he wanted to offer a lower rate.

Upon entering my street, I saw the typical police car that is always parked at the park, hanging around the corner…. and another cop car driving slowly up the road. As I slowly passed the cop… and I mean, freakishly slowly (for him), he drove past me to the first cop.

When I saw the faux hazard cones and his hat, he went into the whole schpiel that he is a subcontractor… bla, bla, bla. In short, I couldn’t follow which eye was working but I did see the cop car roll into my driveway. Apparently, a neighbor also thought it was fishy and called them.

In the end, he was telling the truth…. but that’s for the current cop who’s  outside interrogating now to find out.

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mom of 3
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