Today was the annual camp visiting day- where all the families and their help, line the ropes with their Lesters’ bags filled with the second half of the season clothing and baked goods from every high end shop in the city.

Now, I thought once the youngest was in elementary school, the nanny was replaced by the sitter… but in one particular family, the nanny was replaced by what appeared to be the personal assistant/maid. You see, children who attend sleep away camp don’t qualify for full time nannies… mainly because at this point they are self-sufficient in terms of basic or essential needs. They are living away from home- dealing.

So it amazed me when the Dolce & Gabbana family piled things high atop their impeccably dressed helper, and instructed her to find the best picnic area, while they held their IPhones so as not to shift the Botox situation up top.


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