It’s All Relative

The other evening I took the last train home from NYC after a lovely dinner with friend, and decided to head towards what I thought was the front of the train- typically known as the quiet car. Instead, I entered the World Wide Fair cars- where each passenger within a ten car radius decided at 10:30 pm that they needed deli meat/hot dogs with the ever pleasant aroma of mustard.

And while the stench was enough to make me want to jump off the train, I didn’t realize that I would also feel that way- in my own home. You see, my grandfather lives with me and except for his infrequent sleeping hours, he dry heaves. Now, not a dry heave only… sometimes he’s full on phlegm. I don’t know about you but when I hear someone vomit or make said sounds, I, too, feel the need.

So it got me thinking…. if I had to choose between the vomit provoking stench vs. the vomit provoking sounds… I’ll go with mustard smells any day.

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