Leaf Me Alone

Hubby was away for several days during a heat spell- that meant, I was in charge of the pool maintenance. In short, I had to dredge the leaves from the forest floating in the bottom of our pool, empty the filters and change the poop bag from the Polaris- every 10 minutes so it wouldn’t get over clogged from the debris and wreckage. And about an hour later and only halfway through skimming of just 2% of the pool, I made the foolish decision that I’d be better off trimming the branches in the surrounding area.

Now, all was well and good, despite my own pool of sweat forming beneath my legs, until I realized, the limbs that I chopped down created their own type of debris. It was then that I faced my second dilemma of the day: whether to ignore it and jump in the pool… or use the power washer that was blink width from me.

Naturally I chose to do the power washer since I figured it would keep down tomorrow’s daunting task. Unfortunately, what I hadn’t realized, was the dirt that I was attempting to wash away, would create a tsunami-esk effect on the surrounding beds. In the end, I came to two realizations: it was time to move to a treeless neighborhood or we could always just swim in Minecraft.


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