Why Did I fill Out Those Forms??

I started a new doctor a few weeks ago. I had over 4 pages of medical information and family history to complete- and I was told to arrive with my papers 15 minutes prior to the appointment.

Flash forward into the appointment when the doctor arrives and sits at the computer screen.

Dr.: (after some pleasantries) Let’s go over your mother’s side…. any heart disease?

Me: Yes.

Dr.: Any Thyroid disease?

Me: Yes…

Dr.: (bla, bla, bla) Has anyone in your family had cancer?

Me: I think I filled out all of these questions on the forms I gave the nurse- it’s all there.

Dr.: Oh, those aren’t in our system yet, so I’m sorry that you’ll have to answer these again.

…. So the thesis I filled out prior to my visit- which was harder to complete than taking my SATs, was a complete waste of my time. I wonder if I asked… say, an architect to bring their designs to a meeting and then sat down with them in an office and handed them whiteboard and marker, how they would feel?

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