Waiting to Exhale… Part Deux

While dining out with my picky eaters as their favorite joints, I specifically order their dinners exactly as they would eat it. Noodles and butter- not where the noodles are swimming in the butter but not dry either- NO pepper, Parm or green flakes. Nothing in the pan that the chef will be using for other dishes- no strays of anyone else’s pasta, just plain noodles with some butter.

Yet, it always amazes me when the food gets delivered incorrectly. The problem then that I face, is waiting for their explosive reactions while pretending not to notice the foreign piece of a broccoli floret or red noodle mixed in.

I sit quietly, cautiously looking at their reactions without making direct eye contact, praying they will just eat them. And as with most prayers…I know I’m doomed by their stare at the same thing I see… the section of slightly burnt noodles.


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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