“Things in Common, for $1,000”

The other evening, I was talking with my daughter who was preparing for her departure the next morning for her summer vacation. She told me how she was worried the bus ride would be really long and that she would feel sick from the smell of others chewing mint gum.

After we discussed how she’ll be “fine,” she then told me what her day would look like upon her arrival to camp.

Daughter: So after we finally get there, hopefully not longer than three hours, we then go and wait for our assignments.  After that, we put our bags somewhere and then, we wait until we get checked for lice.

Me: hmmmm

Daughter: First they start with the older kids and then they get to us. After that, we get to go to our bunks and we have to shower.

Me: So you don’t eat yet? First the lice check and then shower?

Daughter: Yep, there’s no food until dinner. First, we all go back to bunks and have shower hour… and then we line up for dinner.

Me: So it’s kind of like the holocaust… they had to take train rides- stuffed in actually, then they had to get sorted within the group, they took their belongings from them and then they had to get lice checks as well. Actually, they shaved their heads instead of checking them… and then they either were sent to the showers or had to work in the camps until they either died or were liberated.

Daughter: (looking at me in shock)

Me: Well, maybe not exactly the same, but kinda similar.

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