Does Anybody Know To Read?

So I had an ultra sound script and had made my appointment for a Tuesday. I went to the office, waited with a bunch of elderly (it was 7:40 a.m.) and then was called to the back.

As the technician walked me back to the room, she told me to have a seat.

Tech: What brings you here today?

Me: (isn’t she holding my script?) I’m here to get my Thyroid checked.

Tech: And did your doctor order you to do so?

Me: (is this a common practice to have ordinary citizens prescribe themselves ultrasounds?) Yes.

Tech: Did you have blood work?

Me: I’m going to do that afterwards.

Tech: (annoyed breath and gesture with the script) You can’t just get an ultrasound without having a reason or blood work results….

Me: (going ma’am crazy) I believe its on the script what needs to happen and unless you are able to override my doctor’s script, I’m pretty sure she wants me to have this ultrasound.

Tech: Is there a specific reason she wants you to have this?

Me: (is she fucking kidding??) No reason… perhaps maybe to help me fill up my bucket list?

After a moment of annoyed glares, all I can say is that, I’m grateful that she didn’t choke me while rubbing that wand over my neck.

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