Thelma and Library

A few years ago, I traveled across the ocean and left my husband in charge of one simple task: returning the 3 rented DVD’s to the local library, less than a mile away. Over and over again I reminded him, “these have to go back; they’re due tomorrow…”

Naturally, he forgot. This was 2016 and renting movies were free provided they get returned on time, and my helpful partner simply couldn’t handle one task.

Thus, when I returned from my trip and had to physically go into the library to return the films since the outside parking lot box was locked during open hours, I received a heft $11+ bill. However, since I did not have any cash on me at the time, they said I could pay them the next time.

Now, fool me once….. there was no next time. For two years I’ve avoided that fine and actually had forgotten all about it until last week. You see, I had the pleasure of taking out some books for a book club and the circulating desk director informed me of my overdue fine that had nearly doubled.

And since I still haven’t learned my lesson to carry cash, I will once again have to suck it up and pay retail at Barnes and Nobles, just to avoid the humiliation in this day and age, owing money to a library… and nonetheless for DVDs.

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