Walk On By

The other day I was at the playground with my kids when a little child walked around singing to themselves. I was amazed at the confidence this child had…. roaming the grounds and signing. However, it was when they came within 2 feet of me and kept on signing, louder this time… and staring directly into my eyes.

Aside from feeling uncomfortable… I mean, it wasn’t as if Zac Effron was woo’ing me, it got me thinking.

Could you imagine if you went to your place of work…. or even if you didn’t. Let’s say you went to the local market, and you started to walk the aisles singing. Take it one step further, could you imagine walking the aisles at the market, singing and randomly encroaching on someone else’s space, looking into their eyes and signing???

So, I decided to try it. I went up to a colleague and started to sing the National Anthem… that is, until they asked what the fuck I was doing.

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mom of 3
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