Please Wait Your Turn

Years ago, when Farrah Fawcett died, Michael Jackson died later that day. In the same week, Ed McMahon and Billy Mays died. The world immediately forgot about all but Michael Jackson.

Lauren Bacall… all those years of acting and making a name for herself… overshadowed by the suicide of Robin Williams the day before.

Now, poor Kate Spade can’t even get the attention she wanted since Anthony Bourdain also killed himself a day later.

So I was thinking, perhaps there can be some sort of  formal sign-out appointment. For example, when one wants to get a visa, they fill out the paper work and wait until they’re number is called. By having some sort of suicide sign-out accountability form, this would ensure one’s due respect. Otherwise, I would imagine that if their final goal is to be noticed in some way….. it would doubly suck to have your final 15 min. of fame reduced to a scroll on the bottom of the screen while someone else’s life is being replayed from birth to death on loop.

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