Last evening I was watching Celebrity Under Cover Boss with my son. In short, Jewel had disguised herself as an Italian NY’er and met several hopeful artists. Upon the reveal, one of the people she got to know was a singer/song writer who had to put aside her goal of becoming an artist and work a 9-5 job.

Jewel: I have another surprise for you. I am giving you $15,000 so that you can spend time working on your songwriting career.

Woman: (crying) Thank you so much- I have always wanted to just write songs and it’s been my dream since I was five years old to sing and write songs.

Thinking about this- what I as a five year old can remember… and not recalling anything in the form of dreams for my future … nor the decade that followed, I looked at my young son.

Me: What’s your dream?

Son: I had a dream about gorillas chasing me and nobody was there to help me.


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