Buy Nothing

This evening I was searching the Buy Nothing FB site with a friend- she had never heard of such a thing. I showed her all the stuff people were offering up, along with the comments of, “please consider me.”

So I decided, if people can share their half eaten box of cheese chicken nuggets, that I could too.

(Possible posts)

Are you tired of having to suck an entire Jolly Rancher? Well, I’m no longer hungry enough to finish my sour apple- if you’d like to be considered, PM me.

My kids didn’t finish their scrambled eggs- not well done enough. Anyone who wants to pick up the rest of her breakfast, I could toss in an unfinished glass of apple juice as well.

Tired of using Dove soap- gently used. Has some hair on it but can be easily removed.

Over ordered again- have some white rice, 3/4  of a spring roll and a container of soy sauce.

Switching toilet paper brands- I have 3 rolls of Charmin Ultra to part with.

Shaved my legs but wasn’t in the mood…. however hubby is. He doesn’t drive at night, so if you don’t mind coming to pick him up, I’ll toss in some mismatched socks and those plastic neck tie holders.

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