Let it Go, Can’t Hold it Back Anymore

Sometimes I am afraid to pass gas for fear of passing part shart. And I don’t know what it is that I’m eating that causes me to generously contribute to the amount of methane in our atmosphere, but my gas has simply hit an all time raunch.

Now, to make matters worse, it’s not as if I can pass gas and be done with it- mine linger and take off their shoes to stay awhile. Even if I try to walk in one big loop to disperse the aroma, the placentaish smell still hangs around.

I know what you’re thinking- my husband is a lucky guy. For one, he knows I’d never be able to be myself around anyone else- so I’m not going anywhere… and two- he has an eye disease and has very little vision left. Thankfully, his sense of smell should alert him that I’m at least within a 40′ range.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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