Turbine Engines

We’ve had no air conditioner for over two weeks. I know, times are tough in the burbs in our 4 bedroom estate…. but no air nonetheless.

In the winter you may recall, we had no heat for two weeks. In the 11th hour, hubby had decided to purchase heat fans to warm up the place. Therefore, I decided that since he felt it finally necessary to purchase temporary comfort… so would I.

My middle and I went to Lowes and an hour later, we came home with two 24″ drum fans. Basically if you could imagine a small engine plane’s twin engines… that’s what I got. Flash forward to the morning after their initial usage.

Hubby: How much did that cost?

With contempt in my eyes and disbelief that he would have the balls to question my choices in fans I simply thought to myself, “it didn’t cost you an emergency visit to the ER!”

How much did that cost?? Was he out of his mind? I can’t take 68 degrees let alone 82, and he is going to ask me what it cost for a fan that has a 90 day return policy?????

Here’s what it didn’t cost…. a hotel stay nor a divorce attorney!


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