Perplexing Thoughts

I’ve always wondered which side of the bath towel I should be using to dry my body. For example, one side is significantly softer than the other.

But there are some other things that cause me to stop and think. Take the dish rack- should it go on the left side of the sink or the right? Would the dominant hand play a factor?

How about washing clothing? Does it really matter if one washes all colors together if its on cold? In the past, I’ve always separated sheets from towels, but who’s to say it can’t go in the same load?

Or when using the dishwasher- forks up or down? I usually place it up so that the tongs can get cleaned better but then there are those that don’t want to empty the silverware with knives or forks up.

It irks me when the housekeeper washes the rags with a wash cloth- should I designate it to the rag pile or wash it 3 times and return it with the other hand-towels?

While each of these scenarios in the scheme of things fall into the trivial category, its the little things that bother me most. Take the story of the Princess and the Pea- whereas most kids were happy that she proved to be a real princess… I was fixated on the impossibility of anyone sleeping atop several mattresses and feeling a .01 gram of a pea.

I rest my case.



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