Crunch and Munch

Today I attended a mandatory all day seminar- in other words, I got a lot of online shopping done. And during said seminar, I noticed the woman to my left had removed her footwear- exposing her raw feet. In fact, I could not believe what I was seeing, that I went to text a friend in the back row, the atrocities occurring next to me.

Trying not to vomit from this woman’s feet, I leaned the opposite way in my chair and tried to close my eyes- erasing this image. It was then that I was immediately jarred by the first bite. That’s right, the woman behind me decided at that very moment that it was an appropriate time to gnaw on her 17oz Jazz apple. After all, nothing awakens the tastebuds for apples like a seminar on financial planning.

But it was the audacity and boldness- the courage and thoughtlessness that struck a nerve. I can barely eat a sliced apple in public- least of all in a public, academic setting. The magnification of her cracking into the apple, her teeth whittling down each piece and the swallowing was enough to incite a rage like never before.

So, I turned my head in a 270 degree angle and glared at her for a full 7 seconds until she realized that this was not the correct time nor place for public crunching. Luckily little miss barefoot also realized my peculiarities and donned her sneaks.


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