Go Ask Alice

Let’s be “crystal clear,” a term one of my former employees once used on me, just because I am not physically involved in the outside of my home, does not mean I don’t have a say.

That being said, for a few years now, we have had a small bushel of daffodils growing on 1/100th of the area surrounding our largest tree. It is my opinion, that it was akin to a lone, sharp, black hair growing on the upper lip of a female. Without the balance of the surrounding mulched area having any flowers whatsoever in this 10 ft. bed, it simply had to go.

So, I went to our Waldo and said, “I would like you to remove those daffodils as they look silly all alone in that bed.”

His reply is one that will have cost mucho dinero. “I’ll have to ask Hubby.”

In my defense, I had mentioned to hubby Waldo’s reply and he poo-pooed me as well. With no other choice, I took the shovel we use annually to bury our pets, and removed the bulbs to the roots, destroying any possibility of replanting, and then left the decay and the shovel in its place- sending Waldo and Hubby the message, “nobody puts Baby in the corner!.”


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