Two Wrongs Make Him Right

Hubby killed two of our children’s guinea pigs- that’s right, hubby KILLED my kids’ two pigs by putting them on the deck in the sun. Correction, in the cage, in the sun. “They had their house….” was all he said.

Yes, this particular plastic house is the lone of its type, a non-conductor of heat, was a fine place for a furry animal to seek shelter from the morning rays.

Now, to make this short, the kids had piano lessons that evening and since I was upset and didn’t even want them, I imagined they would be too devastated for piano. Therefore, I canceled their lesson and allowed them time to grieve. When “daddy” came home from work at his standard time, after all… its not like he should have rushed home to his two crying children to beg for forgiveness, the kids yelled at him and retreated back to their rooms.

However, not 15 min. later, and just in time for dinner, did I come down to the kitchen and see the kids frolicking around their father, while he shared his latest Pokemon achievement.

Me: Whats this??

Eldest: Yeah, I decided I can’t be mad at dad forever.

Me: Wow!

Eldest: Yeah, it was an accident. Dad, can you order us sushi?

Me: You have got to be kidding me! Your hamster bit into my flesh, refused to unclench and I accidentally killed him when I flung my arm in instinct, and you punished me for 6 months! But daddy slow roasts these anti-anxiety pigs and all is forgotten???

Eldest: Yep.


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