I Want My $2

Today as my husband was pulling into the driveway, he noticed a foreign looking man carrying out our son’s car bed. I’m not certain why he originally thought the man just entered our garage and took out our son’s car bed- of all the things to steal- but he called me to ask what was happening.

Hubby: Did you give the car bed away to the housekeeper?

Me: Yes, why?

Hubby: Did she pay for it?

Me: No- I gave it to her.

Hubby: You what? That was worth a couple hundred dollars.

Me: We got it a few years ago and we didn’t pay that much.

Hubby: It was in perfect condition, we could have gotten money for it. I told you I would handle selling it.

Me: She just moved- her son wasn’t happy and he liked the bed. Besides, you are the only one that ever slept in the bed!

Hubby: So you didn’t think to say something like, ‘so this week you won’t charge us?’

Me: Do you want me to call her now?

Hubby: What makes you feel you can call her after you already told her she could have it?

Me: I don’t want to call her- you aren’t happy that I just gave it away- if it bothers you that much I will call her.

Hubby: Never mind. Just call it a mitzvah. …It’s just that you gave away a $200 bed.

Me: (thinking) Would you like a bj?

Hubby: SURE!

Me: It will cost you $200.

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