Square One

My child has been doing great- venturing away from the house, being more social, less anxious, etc.; it is a true transformation! Going to school isn’t a battle, homework is less of a struggle and for the most part, the kids are all getting along.

No longer do I hold my breath when I wake up to see what kind of mood she’s in- and the fear of our routine going off course is a distant memory.

So when we were sitting in our session, praising her on how far she has come with her worries, I was thinking about how close we are to the finish line. And, as all good things, this session brought it to an end… or beginning?

Dr.: I’m so glad you are no longer worrying about being sick!

Kid: I still worry but I just tell myself if I get sick, I get sick.

Dr.: That’s great! Just make sure you don’t go on WebMD.

Me: (eyes turn a 75* angle)

Kid: What’s that?

Me: (Did she just say what I think she said??)

Dr.: It’s a website where you can look up anything that hurts you and it will tell you all the things that are bad- that it could be.

Me: (WTF, thanks for the URL)

Kid: Like I can put in if I have a hurt pinky and it will tell me what?

Me: (Don’t say it)

Dr.: It could say you need it amputated or something to that effect.

Me: (In Denial)

Dr.: …So don’t go on that or search in Google because that is also a bad thing to type in symptoms…. OK, see you next week!

And just like that, I saw my summer vacation just got a whole lot busier.


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