Save The Date

The other day, my cousin’s Save the Date arrived- it was a photo magnet of the date, and in small font it said, “formal invitation to follow.”

Hubby and I haven’t been to many weddings, and it had been years- so it was ironic to receive another Save the Date, a day later!

When I opened the envelope, I saw a couple I have never met. I looked back at the envelope to make sure it was for us, and sure enough, To Rochelle Rochelle…. formal invitation to follow. I flipped back at the photo card and tried to see if maybe I knew the names and just not the faces. No clue.

Later that evening, when hubby came home I said, “someone invited us to a wedding- they must be your people.”

He looked at the card- looked again, thought for a moment if he maybe met them through someone through someone… and then said, “I don’t know these people.”

In my mind, I thought, maybe this couple is doing something different, like, inviting strangers to see who would show up. After all, there was one couple who got married one minute after meeting at a mall in a mall wedding; stranger things have happened.

Putting it aside and forgetting about it till this morning, I got a call from my mother: Did you get an invitation to a wedding? I didn’t know who it was at first and then I searched the return address and it is our Maj’s son- we are invited to her son’s wedding.

So IMO before a Save the Date card, there should be a “Family Tree” card- just for identification.

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