The Piano

Two of my children play the piano- per their father’s request. And while they originally started and stopped, they have been going strong for a few years now. That being said, practicing the piano can be somewhat of a challenge. For example, when one wants to practice, simultaneously, the other one wants to as well. Fighting ensues and rather than play a song and switch, they each have to do their entire sonatas.

However, none of that can compare to when hubby wants to play. You see, hubby can’t just play one song either and move on. Nope, its more like he plays one to two broadway shows’ entire musical score.

Some would think that sounds beautiful- hearing the classics played nightly, but to me, it just means the next three hours will be either CATS and Phantom, or Fiddler and Chorus Line- while I’m alone trying to get the kids to bed in their own rooms. However, once he hits Barbara, all hell breaks loose and I get back at him by letting the three sleep in our bed.

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