It’s important to know that I was wearing jeans the day I left in the ambulance. It’s also important to know that I’ve partaken in staff birthday celebrations, amongst other things.

Lastly, this is also a shout out to those of you with heart disease or undiagnosed heart disease. What your mother should include in her ‘always wear clean underwear’ speech is to not wear tight pants if planning to sit at a 56 degree angle with your shirt up.

While preparing me for the ride to the hospital, the male EMT tried to lift my tight pant leg to place one of the heart monitor things. Thankfully, I had high socks and boots covering my unshaven legs so he had only one other choice. Had I known… I’d gladly have removed my shoes.

I’d like you to also keep in mind that that part of my body has seen sunlight since I was 20- if that. So it would make sense that my heart rate was spiked after the young fellow attached several stickers/wires to my chest- but not because I was having heart problems. 


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