Liar, Liar, You’re Fired!

While waiting for my test results with both my mother and boss, I got a text from some coworkers who offered to gather my things from my office and drop at my home. Knowing I made the best salad- weeks too late apparently, I asked my mom to text her back to get my salad and dressing, laptop and coat.

“Where is your salad,” my mom asked for my coworker.

I could have let the salad rot over the weekend and make something else to eat once I was home…. and many times did say that I would gather my own things when finished at the hospital…. but to no avail, they wanted to help me and get it for me. Looking once again at my boss who was probably appalled by this point, I said….

“Tell her its in my fridge… under my flag.”

*Refrigerators are considered a fire hazard in my office and were banned years ago.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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