Let’s Call a Spade a Club

*Note: Boss was with me

The other day at work, I started to feel some chest pains around my heart. While I was trying to continue the meeting I was running, I was simultaneously trying to remember the 4 signs of a heart attack… or was it for strokes?

In any event, knowing I was going to pass out, I managed to get to a colleagues’ office and  shortly thereafter, I was whisked away to the hospital.

Naturally, the paramedics asked the typical questions, what meds are you taking. I explained my repertoire as I was poked and prodded. Upon arrival and entering the ER, the attending asked the 411.

“We’ve got a 45 year old female complaining of chest pains,” replied the EMT

“Is she on any meds?” asked the nurse.

“She’s on x,y,z and has widespread depression,” he answered.

Feeling heavily sedated, I managed to reply to the EMT and nurse, “it is not widespread depression!!

“What would you call it then,” asked the smug prick.

It’s called dealing with my children!


About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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