Come Again?

It must be an all-hospital staff requirement to ask what meds the patient is taking.

After the debacle from Mr. Widespread, I was laying on the gurney in Room 3 with my boss and mother, when a different PA came in.

I explained once again what brought me to the hospital, and was met with, “what meds are you taking?”

Now, I know each person that comes in contact with you will ask you to state your name and DOB to ensure its the right patient, but shouldn’t drugs be in the file??

So once again, I listed the meds I take daily (when I remember) and glance towards my boss as she hears the details of my mental status. And then I was met with another, more disheartening question: what is your height and weight?

Looking once again at my boss- who might I add is tall and fit, I replied, “5’2″.”

With a moment of silence, my mother said, “she’s waiting for your weight.”

To which I replied, “I know. I’m about 10 pounds or so overweight…. so I’d guess around 130….s.”

The moment she left, my mother asked me, “when did you become 5’2″?”

The minute I weighed in the 130s.

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